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I just realized that I agreed to go to a leaders retreat during pride weekend……..  I mean, I didn’t have Pride plans, but but but… I’m going to be doing paperwork and program planning all weekend instead glittering up and being a hot sexy [horndog]  mess.

I’d feel like a terrible person if I ditch out now though… 

I went to Playland today and we walked by the haunted house.  This lady was dressed up to do the whole [creepy little dead girl with a rag doll] act

My friend was like, “4 years of acting school for this”

and I was like OMG nooooo rude

and he’s like, “hey, I can say that because I went to film school.”

I yelled “FREE THE WHALES!!!” as this picture was being taken.  
The beluga tried to kick me afterwards.  

I yelled “FREE THE WHALES!!!” as this picture was being taken.  

The beluga tried to kick me afterwards.  

bonedust said: gotta ge to work somehow

Trankslink suggests that you completely re-route your travel plans by taking only the bus 

(I’m not kidding.)

In other transit woe-related news, I was walking along Broadway and Main St the other day, when  this woman asked me to sign her petition in favour of building the UBC Rapid Transit subway.  She was with Vision Vancouver.  

I honestly don’t know much about it, so I just asked her the most basic questions: 1.) Where will the subway run from and 2.) How much will it cost.

OHHHH MY LOOOOORD.  She didn’t even know what the train was called (confused it with the PoCo Evergreen line) and she said that the UBC line would run from Clark to Arbutus Street.

Arbutus Street.

That’s the most ARRRRRBITRARY STOP I HAVE EVER HEARD in my life.  Why the hell is the city about to pay near 3 billion dollars for a subway that runs to ARBUTUS street when it’s called the UBC line.  Oh my god.  I near damn ran out into oncoming traffic right there.

Then she was all, “oh, I really don’t know… I’ve just been doing this for the past 6 months….” i’m like ……. somebody catch me cus I’m about the faint the F out.

LADY—- YOU ARE WITH VISION VANCOUVER.  YOU ARE COLLECTING SIGNATURES.  Your government job salary is paying you to stand around the corner and be totally misinformed on the information that you are informing people with.

(this is why I also hate certain street activists and charity collectors omg)

And she was like “oh, do you know how many people would get off at VGH???” omg. I nearly laughed in her face cause I was like, yo lady,  so donee right now, don’t even try with me right now.  and ok maybe some people would get off but omg that’s probably a fraction of how many people probably get off at cambie + UBC.  


I don’t know.  Basically, I still don’t know much about the UBC Rapid Line, so I can’t make an worthwhile comment on it.  But damn, I guess I’m not gonna get any more informed from the Vision Vancouver street team any time soon….  That’s why i’m so annoyed.  The system is so broken because there’s so much lack of communication in how to spend the money and how to build/ design the thing.  

The skytrain in vancouver broke down and now people are walking on the train tracks.

holy shit

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i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs

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"From what level of hell was this retrieved?"

— comment on the type of art that I enjoy

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"You are not free until you have no need to impress anybody."

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Shoutout to every black and white cat named oreo

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